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No one will deprive me of rights that I fought for – Jacob Zuma

The Kosi Bay



Zuma maintains innocent and that the jail sentence he was handed isn’t right and continued to state that No one will deprive me of rights; I fought Jacob Zuma, the former president of South Africa, claims that he is innocent and that the prison term he received is unjust. After the Constitutional Court agreed to hear his appeal against the court’s contempt decision and sentence, Zuma addressed supporters and amaButho in Nkandla.


#ZumaJudgment Zuma again repeats what he has continuously told his supporters that he has never had a problem with attending the #ZondoCommission but maintains that his issue is having Zondo overseeing proceedings when he gives evidence. Zuma insinuates that the process and manner in which the #ZondoCommission was formed has been incorrect and suspicious from the beginning.

Before the address police have blocked the road into Nkandla, causing a standoff between #JacobZuma‘s supporters and police. But we have learned that Hundreds of people were allowed to flock to Nkandla to stand with the former president.

The former president is also expected to continue with his planned address of the nation today at 6pm.

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