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Rea Vaya on stand-still due to protest

The Kosi Bay



Most passengers had a gloomy start because they had to find alternative modes of transportation to get to work and school this morning.

This is in response to a service delivery protest.

The demonstration began along the Soweto highway near Ghost Town Station, and as the protest escalated, demonstrators went so far as to shut down the bus depot.

The residents took advantage of the election campaigns period where political parties in South Africa go to different places and locations, to urge people to register to vote.

An update from the bus company’s social media accounts told passengers that the situation has worsened, and the buses are still diverted.

“Rea Vaya advises passengers that buses are unable to operate as protesters have blocked entrance and exit points of the Dobsonville depot. We apologize for the inconvenience and will provide feedback,” the post suggested.

An hour later, after the first update, the account added, “The situation has not changed, and buses will not operate this morning. Passengers are advised to look for alternative transport.”

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