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Junior Khanye reveals he about to drop an album

Cyril Mlaba



Jr Khanye reveals plans to drop an album
Ex-Kaizer Chiefs player Junior Khanye has revealed he is preparing to release a music album.

Khanye, who also works as a football analyst, is now adding music to his many projects.

“It’s going to depend on this guy who is producing the song for this artist I’m going to sing with,”

“I will finalise everything once I’m done talking to this artist, but he assured me that the [song] is in the pipeline. But I’m ready for anything bra.

“One day I would love to feature these guys from Trompies bra. I love Kwaito too much. Those guys are good. I started as a Majaivane [dancer] before football. So why not?

“I wish, my brother, to do a number with Trompies, I’m a fan of Kwaito…I loved the way the late Brown Dash used to flow. I use to love Magesh’s music and Bonginkosi [Zola]. Those are people I would love to go into studio with, if it was possible.

The 36-year-old, who also owns an amateur soccer team Fak’Imali Uzobona FC, says venturing into music does not mean he is ditching the beautiful game.

“No, no, no, I’m also busy with other stuff my brother, you know as a brand ambassador of iDiski TV. So, definitely, my focus is on football as an analyst.

“I also have a radio show under Diski TV. I also have my own column. My book is coming out. The publisher is busy with the book, it’s going to be launched then the publisher will say where is it going to be launched and obviously, Junior Khanye Foundation is also there.

“A lot of people have lost their jobs, my brother. If we can employ three people for Junior Khanye Foundation so that they can be able to buy bread, it can be big.”