Nyaniso Dzedze wants to stop being a hard worker

a South African actor, dancer and choreographer best known for his starring role as Tsietsi Namane, the eldest son of the Namanes who happens to be their favourite son, in the e.tv telenovela Ashes to Ashes. Nyaniso Dzedze is tired of beating himself up and wants to start appreciating himself more. In a recent post, Nyaniso said: “I know I work f*cken hard at the gym. I also know that I work hard at whatever I work on in general. Yet I find me beating myself up for work I haven’t done or could have done. As a result I don’t celebrate the outcomes of my work enough (if at all).” He said he is now ready to change his “programming”.

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I really want to stop beating on myself now. I want to appreciate myself so much more now. I want to love myself more now. Yup, I think I am ready to change the programming I have of being a ‘hard work’ addict.

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In addition he added that being an “emotional clearing practitioner”, he wanted to identify the emotions that were keeping him from allowing his plans to play out.

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