SABC terminates DJ Fresh’s contract


The SABC’s statement supports a previous Sunday World Story, which claimed DJ Fresh refused to apologise for his bad language on air. “Mr. Sikwane was afforded an opportunity to remedy his contractual breaches, which he failed and/or refused to do. This conduct resulted in the irretrievable breakdown of the trust relations between the SABC and himself,” the SABC said.

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It added that in a letter it received, dated 28 June 2019, “Mr. Sikwane’s lawyers further stated ‘it is our client’s instruction that he must either return to work immediately, alternatively, that upon his commencement on the 15th of July 2019, it must be emphatically understood that no apology will be tendered’”.

DJ Fresh took to Twitter on Monday with a statement contradicting the SABC and Sunday World, emphatically stating that he offered to apologise two weeks ago.

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For weeks fans have been hoping for DJ Fresh will return to radio as deliberations were taking place between the DJ and the bosses at MetroFM. And now he has officially announced that he will be returning to radio… unfortunately on another station.

The SABC announced that they were terminating Fresh’s contract after he was accused of using foul language the word “Msunery”.

According to the broadcaster, the DJ Fresh was given the opportunity to remedy the situation which he did not or refused to do.

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Read the full statement here:

That ‘DJ Fresh’ Sikwane then released a final statement whereby he said, ‘My time at Metro FM was nothing short of magical. Thanks to all the listeners and colleagues that made it what is was.’

He also said he has been ready to walk away from the job since March and that he would rather walk away from a job than accept such abuse.’ [adinserter block = “3”]

He wrote that he starts a brand new show and chapter on 1 August but no further details were given. We can’t wait to find out!



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