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Kipaza Music finally makes it to national television

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Kipiza Music

A South African musician Kipiza Music famously known as ” Mr international Kipiza ” went viral on Twitter after he made it to the national television being interviewed by eNCA just after Jabulani Mall was looted in Soweto.

” Shout out to Kipiza music, we doing this s**t, for the love of the music,” he said before the interview even started

He has stolen 13 seconds to promote his music for free on national television and fellow south African are happy for him, and they really expressed how they admire his energy, according to fitsmallbusiness no matter how you slice it, television advertising isn’t cheap. In reality, the typical TV ad on a national network costs $115,000—and that’s before production costs, which range from R29 187,98 to R72 969,95 on the low end, kipiza used the chance he got to advertise his music for free.

Jacob Zuma, the former president of South Africa, has turned himself in.

South Africans took it to twitter, asking people to stream and download his music and move higher and higher because he is not losing

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