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Akil Henley discusses everything you should know about drones

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(Partner Material) Drones, unlike in the past, have made it easier for photographers and video makers to capture breathtaking aerial images. Everyone nowadays wants an aerial shot in their movie, whether it’s a wedding video, a music video, or a professional film.

In the modern photography industry, you cannot mention aerial photography without drones. They are a significant technological advancement that has changed the way many view photography.

Despite their familiarity, Akil Henley, a professional aerial photographer, believes that there is still much that the general public, even photographers, does not understand about drones. Akil, also known as Traveldronelife, is an American photographer and social media influencer from the Bronx, New York City. He is also a content developer who employs a great deal of inventiveness in his work.

Some of his paintings have reached a global audience as a result of reposts by prominent Instagram accounts such as the NYC page and the Eiffel Tower page. When one of Akil’s photographs from the France demonstrations was used as the cover image on many newspapers after being published by the Eiffel Tower page, he earned a lot of appreciation on social media. Akil also worked with Elizabeth Sutton, a well-known NYC artist when his photographs were reposted by the NYC page.

Akil uses drones to capture all his pictures, thus becoming well-versed in the use of drones.

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According to Akil, anybody may purchase a drone since there are no ownership limitations. But, before you acquire one, he recommends that you have a clear interest in and purpose for the drone. It’s not just any old toy you can pick up at the store. Plan ahead of time and thoroughly assess if you require one. Once you have made the decision that you truly need to acquire a drone, here are some of the critical things to consider during purchase,

  1. The size and life of the battery
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You should be aware that drones utilize reusable batteries that must be charged on a regular basis. The battery lifetime indicates how long you can use the drone before having to refuel it. More importantly, double-check the charging time of the battery. This will assist you in determining how frequently the battery will need to be replaced.

  1. Type of camera

Some drones include built-in cameras, which are the ideal option to consider when making a purchase. Video resolution, megapixels, and zoom capabilities, among other camera characteristics, should be at the top of your shopping list.

  1. Warranty and other incentives

A good drone vendor should give you a warranty that ensures the product’s flawless use for a set period of time. A warranty also serves as proof of purchase from a seller and may come in handy in the event of future repair or replacement.

The next critical step is to ensure that you register your drone with the appropriate authorities before you begin flying it. In certain states, registration extends to obtaining a drone registration number.

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You should carefully crosscheck your drone for terms such as RTF, ARF, or BNF.

  • RTF implies that you will have to attach propellers before flying.
  • ARF indicates that the drone is entirely constructed and ready to fly.

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